Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the great outdoors

i can remember being a child
and sitting in a classroom,
the doors were open to let
some fresh air into an overwhelmingly
stale and stuffy room and my mind would drift.
it drifted so far into the p.e. field
that my concentration level was
practically zero.
all i thought about during those times
were the little flowers with heart shaped
petals that, when tied together, made the prettiest
they wilted quickly, usually by the time
recess was over, they were dead.
fast forward 20 years
and i am so pleased that often times
is our classroom.
and if anything wilts, well,
it doesn't matter,
because there is no rush.
we can just pick more!
they amaze me
by how astute they've
watching and listening
for different bird calls,
and then there is
the joy on a certain face
when he
takes notice for the first time
of the velvety stuff
growing on the rocks.
a discussion is sparked
about direction and moss
and how it looks like a little kingdom.
they bombard me with
"look at this mama
and this...",
and i am filled with such
joy because, much like them
i am constantly amazed
at the beauty and wonder
that has gone into
designing the great outdoors
and best of all
sharing with them
just WHO is in charge of it all
and the small talk which ensues
as we ponder over whether or not
what GOD has is like
having "the force".