Saturday, January 31, 2009

chicken little

here is the link

which will inspire you

to make a few little dishtowels

of your own

because i know y'all

have nothing better to

do than sit around and sew.

happy saturday!

buona lettura

aka good reading.
of course we love
ALL of his books.
but this just came last night
and as you know
most of our reading
right now
is for the birds.

Friday, January 30, 2009

still my baby

early this morning he woke up coughing.
he couldn't sleep and neither could i.
he touched my face gently and gave me a kiss
even though he was obviously not feeling well.
i know he is the cause of my sleeplessness,
even though he gave up nursing long ago.
he is the reason most mornings i wake up sore because
i have either been wedged between him and my husband all night
or him and the wall.
but i cannot get it out of my head that he is still my baby.
i have been drowning his cold in fresh squeezed o.j.
hoping he'll be over it soon.
but at the same time enjoying and relishing the snoring,
vicks' stinging my eyes because he is sleeping so close
for next week his big brother turns 15
and soon enough he'll catch up
and i'll long for the days that he wanted to be held so close
and in a few weeks we'll remember his other brother
the one i never got to hold close at all.
so just for today
after he wakes up from his robitussin + a bit of benadryl
induced sleep
we'll have blueberry pancakes and read jamberry
a million times
because he
my baby.

shelter from the storm

with much concern for her new pansies,
which haven't been planted yet,
she brought them inside to give them shelter from
a windstorm that came out of nowhere.
i hadn't actually noticed until she asked, "mother",
(she always calls me this)
"is it ok that i put my pansies there on the sink?
i don't want anything to happen to them
and they look so pretty there,
don't you think?"
well, what could i think?
don't you think that they look pretty there?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

THE BAG and me

i wasn't really crazy about this meme because right now i am hating myself in pictures.
however, i willing complied and gave my children "impromptu-paparazzi" freedom,
hence the annoyed look on my face while i am sitting at the computer. i know i sort of look like owen wilson in zoolander (that is a really horrible movie, so if you don't know what i am talking about, you are probably better off). i am really a very cheerful person. unless of course it is a moment when my cheerfulness will manifest itself in my puffy cheeks.
i said i'd like to title this a hag and her bag, but i am actually showered, eye-make up and all.
so it isn't classic hag style.
as for the bag, it is from marshalls.
i've had it since last december and i put it away for a while because it is itchy.
and because i got a big, new bright yellow bag from target with a converse star on it,
but it became grungy looking pretty quickly.
so i took this one out of hiding and have been using it for a while.
i don't do expensive purses because i figure if i don't have-on hand-the same
amount of spending cash-that the purse costs-then i have no business carrying such an expensive purse. my most expensive purse was probably $60-
and i got if off ebay because my husband got really aggressive during the bidding.
i think he was feeling like we were in vegas and he was going to "win" me that purse-
a pink furry, suede UGG purse that i have never even used.
it is still in the dust bag that it came in.
i know i shoulda confessed that.
anyway, surprisingly this is roomy.
as of right now, it is holding my big, ugly wallet,a guide to confession,
3 hot wheels, 2 sets of extra keys, my compact mirror, a pen,
a pad of paper-sticky notes, espresso flavored lip-gloss, 2 rosaries,
sombra gel, my camera, loose change, batteries and a few white pom-pom balls(?)
go figure......i guess i really am a pack rat. even in my purse. what a character flaw.
ok. so for this wonderful meme. thanks jaimie=)
i tag:
(i am sorry jenn, i know you hate being tagged, but i'd love to see your sweet face!)

a long, yet quick note

sorry the last two posts were sort of thoughtless auto posts. i don't know why i do that. i guess i set it up that way in case i neglect this space for too long. i don't know why it matters so much, it is not like the world will stop if i don't write something.
well, in order to keep myself from rambling, here goes:
1. sorry i haven't completed the tote meme, but i went to that retreat monday and tuesday night, then yesterday morning i went to mass and was blessed to receive the apostolic blessing, which felt exhilarating.
2. i have 4 sick kids. nothing too serious, but 4 runny noses and 4 different coughs equal lots of vicks, tissues, stories, chicken soup and well, i am sure you all know.
3. i am still struggling with this pain in my back/neck and i truly feel sorry for people with chronic pain.
4. for christine- i don't capitalize my "i" because this is sort of like my diary. there aren't any grammar rules here. it is funny that you said this because that is the first thing my kids noticed when they saw me writing here and they know what a punctuation psycho i am. i do, however, worry about the Good Lord's name. i don't mind reaching for caps lock for HIS sake.
5. yesterday at Mass i couldn't help but think about the people who don't kneel for the consecration or for Holy Communion. the church i attended for the retreat is a novus ordo church, not a chapel, like i usually go to, but it does have the indult Mass and is very reverent in every way. the communion rail is still in place and most every one kneels for the consecration, however, i am curious about those who don't participate, those who'd rather lean forward in a truly awkward manner, to receive their KING. i don't want to step on toes if you don't do either of these things, but my feeling on this is, it is common courtesy to bow to a king, is it not? then how could we do any less for OUR LORD? is it a matter of preference? something decided by the bishops? or is it something that has to do with the individual? i know that just because the very thought of HIM coming to me brings me to my knees, it might not be that way for everyone. i sort of imagine the magi and how they fell down worshipping the infant in the manger. and if we truly believe that the Host contains the same infant, why don't we ALL do the same thing.
so how is it for you? how do you receive HIM? you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. but i won't judge you, i promise.
6. i am very excited about doing a little planting around here. i've been itching to get my hands dirty. the soil is nice and soft from the rain and i think it is calling to me.
7. i am having trouble ending this unit on birds. there is so much to learn, so many beautiful books and projects, but i do wish we could move on to california, i can't wait to do the missions. not just because of the field trips i want to take, but because this state does have some great history.
8. i am in a cooking rut. i really need to plan some meals and go to the store with a written list. yesterday i felt so lost, wandering around without a plan. as hard as it is to plan all the details of my life, when i don't plan, i always regret it. even if i don't stick to my plans.
9. i have to mail the flowers for the craft swap. i heard yesterday that yoda is on his way. they are finished, but just need to get packaged and sent off.
10. well, i have much to do today, so this is me, signing off, for now anyway.

ps. sarah(JOT) i am not posting the pretzel recipe, but king arthur has the greatest recipes. i love their flour and you can choose from many types of pretzels there. we prefer soft pretzels, but you many not.

the heart rag is coming along very nicely, i decided just to tie the ends together. somehow the huge ball of rag yarn i had isn't going very far and i don't know when i'll have a chance to cut more strips, though.

barb, i'd love to try a basket. i've had a basket or a bowl in my mind for quite some time, just haven't found the right twine i'd like to use, maybe the rag strips would be better-in browns and neutrals...........

jenn, my daughter has a little rag rug for her doll house that my mom made and it is adorable. of course she has everything in a vintage/cottage style. and i forgot to ask you if you've gone to see swan lake yet. i am such a dummy because i told you i'd never seen it and i just remembered yesterday, on my way home from ontario, that i HAVE seen it. i saw it last summer at the redlands bowl, performed by the santa barbara street ballet. i also saw a midsummer nights' dream and madame butterfly as well. all were spectacular productions. i am glad that i was reminded of those memories. sometimes i..........wonder where my brain goes! maybe that's what i'll change my blog title to!! =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

after the rain

don't you love it how after the rain
everything seems so clean and green.
it is as if the whole world has had a bath.

the rag heart before

i have always wanted to make a rag rug,
but as i've said before, patience is not a virtue
that i possess when it comes to sewing or crafts.
not to mention that i have a hard time picturing
something that i have worked so hard on,
being trampled by five pairs of muddy feet.
so i decided to try a rag heart and i'll use it for a table centerpiece.
i have most of the strips cut, but since it will be crocheted together,
i might find myself needing more. i'll keep you posted.
have you ever done anything like this?
did you sew it together or just tie knots?
i still haven't decided which route to take.
i am just afraid if i don't sew the ends it will
come undone once washed.......

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

night 1

because i know i am preachin' to the choir
ten quick things from last night:
1.who do you say that HE is?
the faith of peter and the appointment of him as the ROCK is vital, for the pope IS THE VICAR OF CHRIST. the mark of the church's CREDIBILITY is in her UNITY.
so that we may be ONE, as JESUS and the FATHER are ONE.
2. why are you a catholic?
ethnicity, the faith of your parents?
good answers, but not good enough.
your faith needs to be more INCISIVE.
3. our faith should hinge on the the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS, HOLY EUCHARIST and the leadership we receive from THE POPE in his position as the APOSTOLIC SUCCESSOR.
4. we should feel saddened at the way the HOLY EUCHARIST is trivialized, minimalized and ostracized. the EUCHARIST is EVERYTHING. IT is the solution to all the problems in the world.
"unless you eat the FLESH OF THE SON OF MAN, you shall NOT enter the kingdom of heaven."
5. history speaks of man's quest for food, religion of man's quest for GOD. in the Holy Eucharist, we are given BOTH.
6. HE feeds us with HIS FLESH so that we may feed others.
7. "whatever you do to the least of my bretheren, you do to ME."
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness FOR ALL.
8. JESUS fulfilled AT LEAST 125 of the hebrew prophecies.
some say as many as 400, depending on how you count them.
9. FAITH + CONVICTION> willingness to LIVE the faith and even to die for it.
10. our destiny is HEAVEN!
ps. i was blessed enough to go to confession last night, after the retreat with this very holy priest and i don't know why, but i am always just so blown away by the power of what happens when you walk in the confessional and shut the door. last night, i felt sort of like lucy, when she opens the wardrobe door to go into narnia and she has already been there and seen aslan, felt his gentleness, beauty and peace. the church i attend is very old world looking, the confessional doors are big, solid wood and the handle is iron and since i, too, have been before, i know that wonderful things happen in there, the scales come off, you are made whole again, the burden is gone-the lure of the turkish delight doesn't fool me anymore. but then there is that small part of me anyway, that knows i'll be back, daughter of eve that i am, always forgetting that i am a child of GOD. but at least i know it is there, that wonderful sacrament of penance. the sacrament which restores the relationship between me and my heavenly FATHER. so if you've never been or it's been a while, you should try it (confession, that is-not the turkish delight)!

Monday, January 26, 2009

3 nights

i am giddy that i've been blessed
to have this priest just close enough
to go and listen to his talks
every night for the next three nights.
you may've seen him on EWTN before.
he is the one with those penetrating sermons
that hit you where it hurts.
and believe me,
i need to be hit where it hurts!

a love note

a little love note
on a flour sack dishcloth.
copy this design
if you'd like
and make one of your own.
i got the idea from this free
vintage clip art.
i have a thing for embroidered hand-towels.
i usually make them for my mom because she won't use them.
she hangs them in her kitchen or bathroom
and they stay perfectly white and pristine.
here, well, you can imagine what happens
to them here.
the boy to girl ratio
isn't in our favor
and the boys don't appreciate the
feminine goodness of these little towels.
anyway, i'll show you some of the others.
just not all at once
or else you might not come back and see me!
happy monday.