Monday, December 8, 2008

around the world with Our Lady and the Child Jesus

we are kind of going along with Catholic Mosaic and their around the world with our Lady theme, but without the lesson plans because we just can't afford them right now. we read the story from the book about the Child Jesus and then we read corresponding pages in the atlas which pertain to the particular country we are studying, the apparitions of our Lady in said country and the kids do notebook pages on the patron saint, various facts, plants, animals and flowers native to the country.
we have started and are almost finished with our flags of Ireland.
little boy sewing is always intense, but immensely rewarding.

we also read this story:

this has been really fun. well, at least for those of us who could stay awake! i guess there is just something so soothing about stories on cold, cloudy lazy days......this was saturday.

this has been perfect advent "school".
it requires a lot of one on one time,
snuggling on the couch and the main focus is on Jesus and Mary.