Saturday, December 13, 2008

latin lady roses and the Virgen of Guadalupe

last night i took my oldest son to a Las Posadas celebration with his TUFF(Teens United for the Faith) group. we were doubly blessed as it was also the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
my dear friend and her husband, who are always so hospitable in opening their homes once a month to this bunch of teens, shared a story about these latin lady roses that i thought was important enough to pass on:

yesterday, while shopping for some roses for the little altar she set up for Guadalupe, she wasn't really finding what she wanted from the roses on display, wanting things to be just perfect for Our Lady, so she asked if they had any more in the back. the clerk told her she could come with her and peek in the crates they had, so she did and while looking at rose, after rose, she found these (and aren't they beautiful?) well, she said she'd take them. the clerk, not knowing what they were for, told her, "did you know these are called latin lady roses?" and my friend was astounded for much like Juan Diego, here she was, experiencing her own little moment with Our Lady and some roses, on a cold December day!