Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the i gave octamom an award and it took her two years to post it award

now i don't do very well with praise. i greatly appreciate it, but it is never the reason that motivates me to do what i do. maybe it is partly because i never feel very worthy and partly because i feel like any good that i do, comes from God anyway therefore i don't really deserve the credit....
however, juli, was kind enough to bestow this award upon me and so here it is. it has taken me a few weeks to post it-not 2 years-for i tried a few times, but i just couldn't get the words out. and since this award involves serious chocolate eating, which i will be giving up doing so much of due to my newest resolution to start watching what i eat a little more-for spiritual and health related reasons-the addiciton to ghiradelli's peppermint bark candy has outstayed its' welcome-and so i thought now would be a good time to post this. (the night i received the award i did eat some rocky road icecream to celebrate and today i'll have a few chocolate chips-please don't judge me..........)
it is with great joy that i pass this award to the following ladies........there are so many wonderful, holy "moms to a multitude", but today i chose these:
~Kimberly at catholic family vignettes (she was my very first catholic blog, bella dia being my first blog ever-to read)
~Jessica at a shower of roses
~Barbara at praying for grace
and last, but certainly not least, a newly discovered gem:
and so the rules(which i think have been changed by some choco-holic along the way) go like this:
-You must eat a piece of chocolate in honor of accepting the award
-You must eat another piece of chocolate when you put it on your blog
-You must visit Debi B. who designed the award for the original Octamom
-You may add or subtract to the rules as it suits your fancy!
so, with this final rule, i add the following rule: since us moms to a multitude are quite often busy, please do not feel pressured to post or pass this award on. if it gathers a bit of virtual dust, i completely understand. there are many meaningful things in my life which gather dust occasionally, but since i am no loger superwoman, it is ok with me!
p.s. please try and visit the ladies i have passed this prestigious award to.