Monday, December 29, 2008

superwoman syndrome

yesterday afternoon, as i was napping on the couch after a loooooooooong Sunday, a long week actually, i heard the rustling of plastic bags and i leaped off the couch because i knew what he was doing. he was bagging clothes to take to the laundromat and there was no way i could let him do that, that is MY JOB after all, isn't it? I am the one in charge of those things.....usually that it is.

up until very recently my husband has had a very physically demanding job. he was/is a concrete contractor/construction foreman, used to very hard work, often coming home tired, dirty and in no position to do any domestic duties. but now he is in an office all day, learning how to play the stock market, which if you knew my husband, you would smile a little bit because he is such a tough guy.

in these uncertain times, i am thankful he has a job at all, but i must admit i was a bit concerned how this change would affect him, and us. he is coming home earlier, he is not sooo tired. he has more energy when he comes home.

there has been a bit of tension around here lately as we adjust to a new schedule and try to find a routine that works for both of us.

one of the things he is expecting of me is that i work out with him. i have mentioned before that i am not very enthusiastic about physical activities. i'd rather snuggle up on the couch with a few good storybooks or some hand-sewing, but all he is asking of me this week is 10 minutes on the exercise bike.........which is 3.5 miles. wow, was i tired last night! i think this is his way of curing me of my night-owl ways, which are so irritating to him. we have such different body clocks and it is hard to force myself to do things which are so contrary to my nature (even though the things i prefer to do are not very good for me).

so over the next few weeks i will get over myself and stop thinking that i need to be the one who has to do everything. that superwoman syndrome can be so dangerous; it is very contrary to the spirit of humility and i know that it has to go. i will let him bag the clothes-after i sort them=), of course, and today, we will go again, to the laundromat, which is our new hangout, after we've worked out and maybe he'll tell me again, "isn't this kind of nice?" like he did last night, as he put his head on my shoulder while we sat side-by-side- waiting for the clothes to finish washing, he was watching the news and i was doing a little hand sewing......i never thought moments like that could strengthen a marriage, but it seemed to.

i have known my husband since i was 13 years old, which is more than half of my life. we have been through many, many things together. surely we can get through this, right?

ps. today the part will get ordered for the washer.