Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the rainbow scarf

she picked this yarn out one day and i thought it was kind of garish.
but i try never to discourage her own sense of "style".
she is not a 30+ year old woman like me!
because it is fat yarn it had to be made into something
that was flattering to the yarn itself,
as well as flattering on her.
hence the rainbow scarf was born.

she loves the warm, itchy thing because it will match with anything and because i told her i would make her different flowers to pin on it.
thank heaven for little girls!

this could be made by the most novice crocheter.

i used:
~fat yarn from joann's.
~an N-9.00MM needle
~wool tapestry yarn
~a tapestry needle
(be careful with those things, they aren't something you want to drop or lose!)
~wool felt and a button of your choice color scheme

i crocheted 8 rows across of single-stitch crochet and kept stitching until i used up the whole ball of yarn. the flower is simply made out of felt and a button with a few stitches around the edges which add the crinkly effect to the petals. i attached it to the scarf with embroidery thread. i used yellow wool tapestry yarn to do some simple stitches on opposite ends of the scarf.
the nice thing about this kind of project is it can be done so quickly. i finished the scarf while watching a movie with my boys and the flower and edging followed later the same evening.
it is easy enough that even kids could try their hand at it.

in fact i remember being in the 4th grade and making a pink and purple striped scarf that looked like something from a dr. seuss cartoon as my very first project.
and as you can see, i have come so far! (please don't laugh.)
so in the spirit of what dr. laura might say if she crocheted ........now go make something!