Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the blanket stitch

since i discovered the blanket stitch, while reading this book, i quite often use it for hand-quilting, partly because it is so easy and partly because it makes things look soooo pretty. look at those cherries......they look like you could eat them! this was a gift for a friend who just had twins!

and since she will be busy do lots of nursing i made her this light little coverlet. baby a is home now, but her brother is still in the hospital, so i will give him his gift when he comes home.
i often felt like my children were being smothered whilst nursing under "blankets", hence my sweaty headed babies, but this is a light cotton material with a flour sack dish towel for the top. the cherries are felted and the stems are green grossgrain ribbon.

my sewing machine is behaving very badly, so i don't know how i will possibly get all the things i need to sew before Christmas done. my washer also decided it doesn't want to cooperate either, but somehow this doesn't bother me as much! my husband has decided to fix it himself and we have a saying around here that pertains to my husband and his fixing of things and it goes like this:
if it ain't broke, FIX it 'till it is!

speaking of cherries............

i was actually able to finish these before things got too bad. one pair of dolly diapers down and two to go.........it is sure hard to keep things a secret from my darling daughter. after having spent two nights with nannie and papa, she is home. i must go and take advantage of the little window of time i have left before she wakes........good-bye!