Friday, January 23, 2009

happy things

Jenn has tagged me for this meme.
i wasn't sure that i could compare
with her list of happy things.
but here goes.
here is a peek at my happy things.

this vase, which was a gift from my mama.
she knows how i love roses, especially vintage-y roses.
and then of course the flowers, which were brought in from the yard from
my very favorite brown-eyed girl.

this cotton-y good yarn.
i had it tucked away in a drawer and after making a few red hearts
i realized the pink would be a good companion color.
i am starting to think of yarn as clay. i so enjoy sculpting, twisting and turning the yarn, excited to see if what is in my mind will appear in its' proper form. sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. but i am ever so grateful for the peace i feel when crocheting.

don't these look like candy hearts?
i am hoping to make a garland for the big window in the schoolroom.
these will replace the snowflakes.

and if you've been reading me lately, you know that we are bird crazy right now.
and so last night the darling little love birds were born.
i see a sparrow, a chick and a dove. what do you see?

lid love.
this little heart actually has a purpose.
you see, my lids are always hot, but not hot enough for a pot holder.
so i came up with this crafty little idea.

this shocking pink thrifted tablecloth and this table are at my new favorite spot.
i could sit here forever looking at "clover patches" filled with lady bugs,
tiny flowers peeking out from underneath.............

and then last but not least are
these BIRDS. i cannot get enough of them.
yes, that is a real hummingbird, perched on a branch.
i had to zoom in really well because they are so tiny.
so these are my happy things.
and to continue the happiness
of this meme i tag: