Thursday, January 22, 2009


i know there has been some controversy down in blogsville
about the concept of awards, but nevertheless,
because we are all trying to raise soldiers for Christ,
living and loving our faith, being the women who love truth that we are........
we are all lovely and so i am going to pass this lovliness around,
just the same way it was passed on to me by shelly who btw,
has a very lovely blog!
so, in honor of the march for life:
if you were a teen mom,
like i was, and you kept your baby, like i did,
or you did all the right things
and then you welcomed your babies into the middle of it all,
or for some reason, our LORD has given you the cross of not
being able to be a mama, but you're still faithful
well then i think YOU are ALL lovely,
so grab this award for you blog and leave me
a comment letting me know you did and why.
hope you all have a lovely day.
and i am sorry if i've used the word lovely too much.

ps. don't forget to pass the lovliness around!!!
pss. shelly, i hope i didn't break any rules. i just don't want to hurt any feelings.