Friday, January 23, 2009

truly, LOST

first of all, i'm still trying to catch up on season 4, so no spoilers, please.
but i am really frustrated that this show gets inside your head.
we've been watching the last 7 episodes in the"enhanced" version, just
because we wanted a "refresher" course on things we might've not
understood from last spring-remember we went thru a very grueling move
so we got a little behind on this one.
but we're very simple people you see and sometimes we even
fall asleep during an episode (we watch 2 or 3 in a row). and then we have
to go back. but then episode 8 has to go and tell us that Jin is dead. and
episode 7 had so many flashes forward, backwards and sideways, i was
upset about poor desmond, not wanting him to end up like eloise,
mad at sayid and confused about the aaron/kate thing.
i don't know about anyone else who watches this, but i
am truly LOST!

ps. hubby did tell me last night, as we sat snuggled, watching, even though
it gives him bad dreams where he wakes up thinking that the whole world is
in a conspiracy against us, that this is the life and GOD is good. so a show that
makes him think that isn't ALL bad!