Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Celebration of a Life

There is no record of your birth
The hospital does not think it is worth
"Wasting" a precious piece of paper
On a "fetus" of only twenty weeks.
Not even in the earth
Where you were laid
Is there any homage paid
To you, my baby, of only twenty weeks...
Even though for all of that time
You were still mine
Living, growing and developing,
My love for you was so enveloping
For I'd already imagined your rosy cheeks,
Two laughing eyes and dancing smile
Like your brother and sister before you
Not knowing that it would be more than just a while
Before I'd get to see your true face.....
But I wanted you to know
That as the years come and go
Your beautiful memory will never erase
From that special place
Reserved just for you.
And at night when I sleep
I feel a small piece
Is missing from me
And I think it is where
There was a slight tear
When you silently slipped from my womb
You entered the room
It happened so soon
And only God knows how long
You'd already been gone
Living happily in your heavenly home
Right next to the throne
Of the King Who is dear to my heart
The place where all love starts.....
So tonight in my bed
When to you I said
Dear Baby Seth, please pray for me
I realized that He,
My Father God wanted from me
An acknowledgement, a pledge,
To never forget
The times that I wept
For the little life that never came to be
And just because I cannot see
The part that you play
So that together someday
We can all be
In eternity
Happily living
In our heavenly home.

~Love Always, Mama

This poem is dedicated to my little son, Seth Alexander, who I loved and lost
on February 21, 2003. He is buried with my grandfather and he will rest between both of my
grandparents once my grandmother is gone.
I said before that I would be posting some things with regards to death this month
as it is the month of the Holy Souls
and there are so many whom I have loved and lost.
The purpose of these posts is to heal.
I can feel the Lord using my love for writing as way of leading me
out of the darkness and into the LIGHT.
Mother Angelica writes:
" Sometimes faith is scary. A lot of people think that faith is all joy,
but there are many moments in life
where you are uncertain about which way to go.
That kind of faith is hard. There is a type of darkness in faith,
not the darkness that comes from sin, but the darkness that necessitates TRUST."
So that is where I am at. My faith has been hard. There have been many dark moments in the past few years,
but thankfully I do trust and there is a certain peace which I cannot describe as I sit here
and ponder not only the celebrating of this little life that I was a part of, however briefly,
but also the intercessory power of the saints in heaven.