Monday, November 10, 2008

Sewing With a Purpose

this post will probably tell you, in a nutshell, what a simple person i am.
ok, so: i have four kids, three of which are boys, my husband is a concrete contractor and we live on a half-acre, which is mostly dirt. does that conjure up any images of me spending half of my life in my laundry room? well, whether it does or not, i do. i am always in there sorting and resorting, washing, drying and folding and my point to all of this is that the little sign above, the 2nd rinse sign, makes me so happy.
i made it one night after trying to figure out how i was going to remember to take the washer off of the second rinse cycle.
sticky notes had fallen off, a wooden sign would probably fall behind the dryer and break anyway
and so this darling little thing was born and it hangs right above the washer
on some cupboard doors when it is not in use.
i embroidered a pretty little flower on the other side,
but i don't hardly ever look at it because for some reason that red baby toile, that i got at wal-mart btw, mixed with the golden vintage-y flour sack material is just too cute!
for good measure, the embroidery is done on a piece of an old tablecloth,
which belonged to mygreat-grandmother,
the rest of the fabric are just scraps, the buttons are vintage imposters
and the red rick rack came from the scrapbooking notions section at michael's.
leave a comment and tell me what little things brighten your day.
once again, happy sewing
and doing laundry, of course!