Wednesday, December 3, 2008

fresh air

so st. andrew prompted me to go on a walk last night.
i am never enthusiastic about exercise, i am just too tired most of the time
and if i have a few spare minutes the last thing i want to do is break out in a sweat!
but nevertheless, i had started dinner early and so i as actually able to listen to the the cool evening air as it beckoned me to go outside. and of course even at the sound of the word "walk"
3 out of my 4 kids had their jackets on in a flash. of course there was an issue with
the wagon being filled with a little left over rainwater and mud, it had to be cleaned
out and we couldn't find a rag, you know how it goes, something that should be so simple turns into such an ordeal. but we finally went on our way and were treated to a beautiful winter-y sunset, a glimpse at the man in the moon and we stayed out so long that it started to get dark. we had such a great time that i promised we'd go again tonight. thank you st. andrew for your if i could just make it out to the barn and get on the exercise bike.........but then there is that issue with sweat, ugghhhh!