Thursday, December 4, 2008

jesse tree pillow top

it is sew nice to have a project handy for the cold and gloomy school days.
this jesse tree pillow top idea was hatched out of the pages of my missal on Sunday at Mass.
i loved the intricate look of the root and the beauty of the verse from Isaiah and since i don't have my jesse tree out this year, but still wanted something reminiscent of it, here is my no fuss jesse tree. if my fingers don't fall of the pillows will be done by Saturday. the fabric for the covers is a vintage berry fabric i found at my favorite thrift store.

i also found some black dotted swiss, which i have had such a hard time finding.
this fabric is so pretty, but this picture does not do it proper justice.

some yarn for a "boy" hat

a little crochet book and some vintage trimmings

please take a little inspiration from this post and make a little something today.
you will be sew glad you did!