Friday, December 5, 2008


one of our stops yesterday was to some dear little friends we have known since my oldest son was just a baby. i met mrs. m. while working a birth choice where i volunteered as a crisis pregnancy counselor to women and girls who were pregnant and sometimes considering abortion. having had my own crisis pregnancy when i was 17 i brought that experience with me, hoping to intervene, if necessary, for the tiny lives that were often discovered in my very presence via a home-pregnancy test in a small office.

of course mrs. m became fast friends with my mother because they are both artists and share a passion for painting, as well as their love for the unborn. and any friend of my mother (who is my very best friend) is a friend of mine.

so mrs. m., who is quiet and sweet, loves to paint (and will give me knitting lessons on our next visit-if i remember my needles!) and mr. m., who was a soldier in WWII is filled with stories and much Irish wit and wisdom.

and while we don't often get to see these lovely people, we always enjoy our time with them.

at first glance, we are the ones giving of our time and talent this day, sharing art work, photography and a handmade Christmas ornament from the creative hands of my daughter, but after a few hours there, it was obvious that they were the ones that gave to us. these gentle souls have lived and loved longer than we can imagine and we are so blessed to have been invited to share some good laughs and conversation on what otherwise seemed to be a cold and gloomy day. i am so glad that we took the time to stop by.