Saturday, December 20, 2008

paper snowflakes

on making winter windows.........
the first time i ever stumbled upon a blog was last Christmas when i was looking for a "how-to" on making paper snowflakes. this particular place was where i found my crafty-self again after struggling through some unexpected family tragedies and an ugly bout of depression which followed. but that my friends is another story for another day.

so if you want to add a little winter to your windows-because you are blessed with yet another sun-shiny day-like we usually are-or if you are blessed with lots of snow and you just want to bring a little bit of the outside in-then here is a little inspiration just for you.............
you can visit the link above for specific how-to/cutting instructions.
the kids made these without any help from me.
it was a great lesson for following step-by-step directions.

p.s. your home might just look like a blizzard has passed through

after attempting this craft.

we've got tissue paper, regular paper, glitter and little pieces of ribbon all over the place!