Saturday, January 10, 2009


since this picture got quite a bit of attention yesterday, i thought i'd share something along the same lines with you all.
you see, i met a lovely lady through the faith and family Christmas home tour and we've become flickr friends. after looking through her photo stream one day i saw this:

and she informed me that we could do a craft swap wherein i will make her 12 cotton crochet flowers and this little guy will come to live with us at the end of january. i am so very excited, as we are all pretty smitten over here with his charm. i know i could probably make one for myself, but it would take too long to figure it out, besides, this lady has TALENT i'm telling you and she deserves the proper credit for her handiwork.

all in all i think both of these items are pretty awesome!!!

happy saturday.

may the force be with you.

we're off to the mountains.