Saturday, January 10, 2009

holding on

sometimes i........
wonder why it is that i sit here
and type away
sending moments that are so personal and private
wonderful and perfect
off into cyberspace
to, well, in all honesty, mostly strangers
yet, so far, warm and kind strangers
who reach across the miles
to leave comments and say hello
trying to make a connection with me
a stranger to them also
each of us just trying to find some common thread
in this great big world
that our God has seen fit to place us in
and i guess my only reason for even pondering all
of this is due to the breathing in of copious amounts
of fresh mountain air today
i was so smitten
with all of my blessings even though
my hair was so
messy and staticky
from the blustery wind
but all i cared about was
the whirlwind of
sticky marshmallowy fingers
all around me
a warm fire
with dancing flames
and precious bare feet on
the hearth
the laughing faces of my family,
my children especially
and well,
i guess there is that part of me
that just wants to keep holding on
to all of the goodness
because i know that life is not
always all good
but as a Christian
i feel it is my duty
to share with you the beauty
that abounds in this life of mine
and in yours too
because it is there
and it has nothing to do
with money or status
popularity or talent
just plain goodness
from a GOD who IS
ALL good and ALL loving
and Who i like to think
is holding on to me
and mine
and you and yours...............