Sunday, January 4, 2009


i never really cared for dogs. i have always been a cat person, i have had cats all my life. i guess i just felt like dogs need so much more attention than i really have the time to give.

however, last Christmas my husband got this guy and i loved him since the day we brought him home. i took care of him like he was my baby and now he is gone. it has been a week now and there is no sign of him anywhere. he seems to have vanished and it really bothers me that i don't know what happened to him.

i guess this would be another reason why i never really wanted a dog, i get attached to things, especially living things. and now every day i think about how much i miss him.

we have had our share of cats, dogs, lizards and fish come and go, but somehow this is different.

i am seriously affected by the fact that this dog is gone................

i wish that whoever took him would find it in their heart to turn him in to the pound.