Sunday, January 4, 2009

crochet fingerless gloves

so i've had it in my head lately that i MUST make a pair of fingerless gloves.
i started making my daughter some grey hand warmers and was having a bit of trouble, i got frustrated and tired of looking at the grey yarn, so i started these........

they are coming out better than i thought, however, they still seem kind of funny looking to me. but then again, since i cannot follow a pattern for the life of me, this will have to do. i have written the pattern down in my own language so that i can replicate it for the other hand. i like the pattern, it looks a little different for once. i think i'll try some in black ones after these are done (and after i finish those darn grey ones). they are kind of BRIGHT, if you know what i mean, i am not even sure if i'll wear them!
on a different note, i had another friend offer to teach me how to knit this week coming up. i may just take her up on it because that is one of my goals for this year, after all! during a visit to her home the other day she showed me many different knitting projects she had made and one blanket in particular that she was working on, was so pretty. i left her house very enthusiastic about the prospect of actually learning the skill, but still not sure if i will be able to do it.
well, i need to spend some time with my Lord tonight. thankfully the house is quiet, everyone went to bed early. we have been staying up way too late and i am so ready to get this house back in order again.