Thursday, January 29, 2009

THE BAG and me

i wasn't really crazy about this meme because right now i am hating myself in pictures.
however, i willing complied and gave my children "impromptu-paparazzi" freedom,
hence the annoyed look on my face while i am sitting at the computer. i know i sort of look like owen wilson in zoolander (that is a really horrible movie, so if you don't know what i am talking about, you are probably better off). i am really a very cheerful person. unless of course it is a moment when my cheerfulness will manifest itself in my puffy cheeks.
i said i'd like to title this a hag and her bag, but i am actually showered, eye-make up and all.
so it isn't classic hag style.
as for the bag, it is from marshalls.
i've had it since last december and i put it away for a while because it is itchy.
and because i got a big, new bright yellow bag from target with a converse star on it,
but it became grungy looking pretty quickly.
so i took this one out of hiding and have been using it for a while.
i don't do expensive purses because i figure if i don't have-on hand-the same
amount of spending cash-that the purse costs-then i have no business carrying such an expensive purse. my most expensive purse was probably $60-
and i got if off ebay because my husband got really aggressive during the bidding.
i think he was feeling like we were in vegas and he was going to "win" me that purse-
a pink furry, suede UGG purse that i have never even used.
it is still in the dust bag that it came in.
i know i shoulda confessed that.
anyway, surprisingly this is roomy.
as of right now, it is holding my big, ugly wallet,a guide to confession,
3 hot wheels, 2 sets of extra keys, my compact mirror, a pen,
a pad of paper-sticky notes, espresso flavored lip-gloss, 2 rosaries,
sombra gel, my camera, loose change, batteries and a few white pom-pom balls(?)
go figure......i guess i really am a pack rat. even in my purse. what a character flaw.
ok. so for this wonderful meme. thanks jaimie=)
i tag:
(i am sorry jenn, i know you hate being tagged, but i'd love to see your sweet face!)