Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the rag heart before

i have always wanted to make a rag rug,
but as i've said before, patience is not a virtue
that i possess when it comes to sewing or crafts.
not to mention that i have a hard time picturing
something that i have worked so hard on,
being trampled by five pairs of muddy feet.
so i decided to try a rag heart and i'll use it for a table centerpiece.
i have most of the strips cut, but since it will be crocheted together,
i might find myself needing more. i'll keep you posted.
have you ever done anything like this?
did you sew it together or just tie knots?
i still haven't decided which route to take.
i am just afraid if i don't sew the ends it will
come undone once washed.......