Tuesday, January 27, 2009

night 1

because i know i am preachin' to the choir
ten quick things from last night:
1.who do you say that HE is?
the faith of peter and the appointment of him as the ROCK is vital, for the pope IS THE VICAR OF CHRIST. the mark of the church's CREDIBILITY is in her UNITY.
so that we may be ONE, as JESUS and the FATHER are ONE.
2. why are you a catholic?
ethnicity, the faith of your parents?
good answers, but not good enough.
your faith needs to be more INCISIVE.
3. our faith should hinge on the the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS, HOLY EUCHARIST and the leadership we receive from THE POPE in his position as the APOSTOLIC SUCCESSOR.
4. we should feel saddened at the way the HOLY EUCHARIST is trivialized, minimalized and ostracized. the EUCHARIST is EVERYTHING. IT is the solution to all the problems in the world.
"unless you eat the FLESH OF THE SON OF MAN, you shall NOT enter the kingdom of heaven."
5. history speaks of man's quest for food, religion of man's quest for GOD. in the Holy Eucharist, we are given BOTH.
6. HE feeds us with HIS FLESH so that we may feed others.
7. "whatever you do to the least of my bretheren, you do to ME."
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness FOR ALL.
8. JESUS fulfilled AT LEAST 125 of the hebrew prophecies.
some say as many as 400, depending on how you count them.
9. FAITH + CONVICTION> willingness to LIVE the faith and even to die for it.
10. our destiny is HEAVEN!
ps. i was blessed enough to go to confession last night, after the retreat with this very holy priest and i don't know why, but i am always just so blown away by the power of what happens when you walk in the confessional and shut the door. last night, i felt sort of like lucy, when she opens the wardrobe door to go into narnia and she has already been there and seen aslan, felt his gentleness, beauty and peace. the church i attend is very old world looking, the confessional doors are big, solid wood and the handle is iron and since i, too, have been before, i know that wonderful things happen in there, the scales come off, you are made whole again, the burden is gone-the lure of the turkish delight doesn't fool me anymore. but then there is that small part of me anyway, that knows i'll be back, daughter of eve that i am, always forgetting that i am a child of GOD. but at least i know it is there, that wonderful sacrament of penance. the sacrament which restores the relationship between me and my heavenly FATHER. so if you've never been or it's been a while, you should try it (confession, that is-not the turkish delight)!