Wednesday, November 19, 2008

around the house

I took out a few of our Thanksgiving things,
even though we won't be home for the actual holiday.

leaf garlands

A wooden sign I painted a few years ago

more pumpkins,
filled with jelly bean/corn favors
left over from our cousins party

Some Pilgrims

My cornucopia, which I found hidden
in a remote corner at a Ross store about 3 years ago.
I fill it with a few flowers from Michael's and it looks so pretty!

Indian noise-makers we made at
Family Day at the San Bernardino County Museum.

The kids are making

handmade cards with
stickers, cardstock, ribbon, a hole punch.

pipe cleaner turkeys:
all you need is a few colored pipe cleaners
and a little imagination!

Collages of the "food groups" they'd like to see
at our Thanksgiving feast!

Felted woodland creatures with a little help from Martha:

Teepees for their Indian Village

made from paper plates, construction paper,
paint and a few twigs from the yard.

Hope you're finding some time to
enjoy the simple things too!