Tuesday, January 13, 2009

by their fruits you shall know them

thank you allison
for picking this wonderful blessed for us.
i am confident that in a world that screams
out to us to "have and buy more, more, more",
and how "it's all about me, me, me",
we can learn many things from
the life of blessed mother teresa.
i knew in my heart that this would
be the year that we did more
for God, cutting back in all of the
ways that are necessary
so that together we can be better
stewards of what we have been
i have certainly learned, in my
journey as a stay-at-home mom,
that money isn't everything
and there are so many people
who literally have nothing.
so it is my prayer that
with her intercession,
we, as a family,
will bear lasting fruit as we
look for ways to help
"the least of our brethren."