Thursday, January 15, 2009


we are having way too much fun over here.
there was so much goodness to behold outside during our bird watching session.
which, by the way, happened during a very serious lesson on vertebrates and invertebrates.
i was explaining the serious subject of spinal cords, bones, etc. like a good teacher should and we were about to do a notebook page diagramming such and then middle son spotted a hummingbird out by the orange trees. needless to say, we all bolted (quietly) outside, armed with cameras and binoculars. and as we found nests, saw and heard at least six different types of birds and experienced the fresh air and the lovely trees and rooftops brimming with birds, there would be no going back inside until it got dark. my girl climbed the big tree in the back yard for a prime hummingbird watching spot. we moved the feeder because it wasn't getting any visitors. then middle son led me to a nest in the orange trees he had spied a few days ago and we were in awe of all the twigs and bits of this and that the birds like to gather. and well, littlest son, along with our mama cat, tended to be a noisy nuisance, but it is so awfully hard to sit still and be quiet when you've got the whole yard calling out to your bare feet to come and play.....

and yes, that tiny hummingbird kept wanting me to take his picture, that is when he'd sit still long enough and quit fighting with another male. we had no idea how agressive those little guys could get. we witnessed some pretty interesting behavior yesterday firsthand, that they could never get from just books.
so that's what we did yesterday, i don't know how structured it may seem,
but this kind of learing just happens sometimes.
i've learned in my nine years of homeschooling that this is really the best way.
we have been getting the three R's done early on so that the afternoons are more free to do what we like. the evenings have been "craftier" as i make time for myself, they seem to follow my lead and do more creative things too.
so perhaps tomorrow i'll show you some of the wonderful artwork
that pours out onto the paper when these little ones are exposed to the creation of such an AWESOME GOD!!!!