Friday, January 16, 2009

mama mia

can you guess what we had for dinner?
the kids have been begging me to make
homemade pizza for weeks and so
in a moment of weakness i gave in.
the deal was, though, that i had to have
some help. well, when it comes to cooking i
never have to ask twice, because there
is always an abundance of hands willing
to get very dirty with tasty things
like pineapple and canadian bacon.
so all i really did was supervise.
even my hubby joined in the fun
and he helped dice and slice.
my personal pizza was filled with veggies,
i didn't break my no meat rule. after all it is for a
very good reason. and it bears so much fruit, let me tell ya.
if there is any area in your life that needs some extra attention,
prayer and fasting are the answer. i am living proof of it.
GOD is so good. and so was this pizza!

thanks to jen for the reminder regarding rosemary.
i added some to my dough and it was delicioso!