Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i desire a strong faith

Jesus appears to mary magdalene
"mary, do not touch ME,
for I have not yet ascended to My Father"Jn.20:17
"then shall you call, and the LORD shall hear:
you shall call and He shall say: Here I am". Is. 58:9

i don't know why, today, while praying a scriptural rosary with my kids, this particular meditation for the Hail Mary in my new book, really struck a chord. very tearfully, my children quite used to my crying while we pray, i thought about how she must've felt when HE stopped her. i can't help but wonder if it had to do with her sinfulness touching HIS glorified body and i thought about my own sinfulness and how this had to be such a test of faith for her. she was probably fed up with men at this point in her life and to reach out to HIM and have HIM turn her away must've been so very hurtful. she was, after all, human. and don't we feel this way when we reach out to someone in love and they turn us away. but yet, HE gave her hope. and HE gives that same hope to you and to me, for HE has ascended to HIS Father and i know that i can certainly call out to HIM and that when i call out to HIM, i am also calling out to the Father, for HE and the Father are ONE. and isn't it something when i hear HIM say, "here I am", because there are so many times that i feel like a lost child, groping around in the dark for the light switch in a very dark, dark world. and then there HE is, the only light i need, shining on what would otherwise be a very weak faith. a faith probably more like thomas, but with HIS grace, i am content with the faith of the magdalene, for hers was a strong faith.