Monday, January 12, 2009

my REAL daybook

no simple woman daybook today.
i am just not feeling it.
but here is a peek at my REAL daybook.
the one with all of my life plans, hopes and dreams in it.
i carry it with me everywhere, but the pages are almost done
and as you can see, i don't want to part with its' sunflower-y goodness
and so an idea, an ORIGINAL idea, popped into my head.
so yes, these fingerless gloves come from my imagination,
so if you've seen something like them before,
please don't tell me because it will spoil the fun for me.
i am rarely creative enough to think up my own ideas,
but i really feel these are an original.
unless all the whos down in whoville are wearing them.
don't they look like something the whos would wear?

i know i could've had a career as a hand-model.

but i chose homeschooling instead!

ps. stay tuned for the "stem and leaf".