Friday, November 7, 2008

piles of lovliness............
i know those two words don't usually go together because around here the word "pile" is usually paired with words like "laundry, dishes or leaves" and that means WORK!
but piles of fabric

turn into this:
a log cabin square for pillows that will go on top of my daughters' bed

and then there is this quilt

i started it for her when she was still a baby.

i plan to do some hand stiching on it
and hope to have it finished by summer of '09

and this is what my china cabinet is holding these days:
well, instead of spending so much time
folding all of this,
i really must go and fold some laundry
tackle a pile of dishes that have invaded my kitchen
while i've been sitting here happily blogging.
~have a blessed saturday~
i hope your life is filled with a few piles of lovliness!