Saturday, November 8, 2008

why i really couldn't justify too much blogging on friday

because our schoolroom looks like this and we've lived here since september
because someone is going to fire me
from homeschooling my children.
why?? you ask??
well, because making a pre-baked halloween gingerbread house
is not really doing "school".
that's why.

i mean, can somebody tell these poor kids
that halloween is OVER!

but they are working so hard

look at the teamwork and camraderie,
the self-control it takes to not eat any of that candy,
why this could even be making them virtuous....

i don't know if I am having a sugar rush,
but if you look at this scene long enough
you might even begin to see what i am seeing:
social science, networking, exterior design,
architectural design, landscaping

in the end: staging and presentation....
never mind, this counts for school.
i can rest so much better now,