Saturday, November 8, 2008

the Holy Souls

This month I will be doing a bit of posting about death
and those who have gone before us.
For me, death and how I cope with it,
is very much a part of my life,
which is why I feel compelled to address it here.

This excerpt is from a pamphlet I have entitled:
A Soul Speaks from Purgatory

"When God wishes a soul to be entirely His,
He begins by crushing it, very much as apples are crushed in the press~
to extract its' passions, its' self seeking,
in a word, all its' defects.
When that soul is sufficiently broken,
He reshapes it according to His will.
If it is faithful, it is soon transformed.
Only then does Jesus load it with His choicest graces
and inundate it with His love."
Here is something I wanted to share:

A Prayer for Today

Dear Lord, heal the wounds of my soul

~only You~ O Divine Physician~

can do this. The effects of my sinfulness is

so great a burden that I often feel weary,

worn and frustrated.

My heart longs for Your grace....

Please hear my prayer and let my cry come unto You.

Impart to my heart just one drop of Your grace,

that the flame of your love may begin to burn in my heart;

and like a fire, may it consume evil thoughts like thorns and thistles.

+ + +

It is so important not to put off for tomorrow,
things that can be done today,
because sometimes tomorrow never comes.
Sunday is a good day to
think about
all of the ways that
Our Lord
needs to do a little reshaping in your life.
That's what I'll be doing.....