Thursday, November 6, 2008

Simple Fall Sewing Projects
A patchwork tablecloth made from thrifted
and new fabric with an embroidered "Fall '08" tag
A mini pumpkin pincushion that sits on top
of my sewing machine

Crocheted pot holders for all of the cooking
I seem to be doing these days

And finally, quilted pumpkin coasters
for all our morning cups of cocoa and coffee.
These little coasters are so easy to make, not to mention they'd be
perfect holiday gifts for family and friends!

I hope this encourages someone to do a little sewing, because these things, little though they may be, add just the right touch to any home. I certainly don't want to stress the importance of "things", but I'd like to think that as my children grow, they will treasure the time it took to try and make our home special and they will carry it with them when they leave. These few projects are not too hard to enlist the help of small hands either. My children enjoy helping to choose fabric, adding a few of their own stiches, etc. What a precious way to spend the upcoming long winter evenings. So turn off the internet or t.v. and sew, sew, sew......